You Are Not Your “Fran” Time

Here’s a quick spiritual workout to try.

Read the following list out loud as many times as necessary (AMTAN) until you believe what it says.


3-2-1 Go!

• I am not my “Fran” time.
• I am not my max snatch.
• I am not my ability to do a muscle-up.
• I am not the number of unbroken double-unders I can do.
• I am not my body fat percentage.
• I am not my position on the CrossFit Open Leader Board.
• I am not my performance.
• I am not my achievements.
• I am not my resume.
• I am a child of God.
• I am created in the image of God.
• I am loved by God regardless of my Fran time, max snatch or body fat percentage.
• I am saved, forgiven, and empowered by the Holy Spirit because of what Christ accomplished on the cross, not because of what I have done.
• I am a new creation in Christ.

This may be the longest, hardest WOD we’ll ever do. It’ll take many of us a lifetime to successfully complete, because no matter how many times we work our way through this list, there will always be a part of us that struggles to believe that what we’re reading is true.

Just about every Christ-following CrossFitter I know struggles to manage the tension between being in love with a sport in which every second, every rep, and every pound counts and embracing a way of life in which our identity and sense of self-worth is found in the risen Christ rather than our performance at the gym.

How do you manage this tension?

(This post was inspired by a post Jake wrote last week.)

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