Who’s Following Whom?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Here’s an original story I told at the end of my message yesterday. The message was based on Mark 1:14-20, in which Jesus calls four fishermen to follow him. I would love to hear your response to this story. ***** […]

Chasing The Short Sermon

I am haunted by long sermons. Not really, but I needed a dramatic opening sentence. I have written before about the length of an ideal sermon. A sermon should be only as long as is necessary for you to make your point in a memorable way. This means, in most cases, a sermon should rarely […]

What To Do When Hell Freezes Over (How to Survive an Ice Storm)

I got an email from an old friend this week. I thought you might enjoy reading his tale. ****** Dear Wade, How’s it going? You’re never gonna believe what happened to us this past week. We had one of the worst ice storms in the history of the world hit us squarely between the eyes. […]

The Bag of Walnuts

I told this story yesterday as part of a teaching on justice. It is adapted from a snippet of a folktale I read years ago. There’s a lot going on in this short tale. I’d love to hear what you hear in this story. ******* Once upon a time three kids found a bag of […]

How (Not) To Overcome Sin

Not long ago, I had a theological conversation with one of my sons. We ended up talking about sin. Out of nowhere he declared, “I believe you can so much that God will not let you into heaven.” “Can you sin so much that God will stop loving you?” I asked. “No. God will never […]

The Three Sermons In My Head

I preached my first Sunday morning sermon at a small church in Alpine, Texas. I travelled there from Abilene with a small group of students who would go to small town churches on the weekends and lead the worship service. They needed a preacher and I volunteered. Afterward, an older man who had preached his […]

Easily Influenced

I am easily influenced by what I watch on TV. Watching Happy Days made me want to wear a black leather jacket. Watching The Andy Griffith Show made me want to be a small town sheriff. Watching Magnum PI made me want to be a private investigator in Hawaii. Watching The Dukes of Hazzard made […]

Restoring The Future

Stuck In A Moment I went to high school in small town in West Texas. There wasn’t a lot to do on Friday and Saturday nights, so we spent many evenings on the drag. We’d drive up and down Broadway, make a loop through Sonic at one end of the drag and then turn around […]

Beware of Dogs

The War on Religion Much has been said and written about the groundswell of aggressive atheists who have declared war on religion in our culture. In books, blogs, and TV interviews they cite numerous instances in which religious people have done evil things, and then describe how the world would be a better place if […]

I’m Watching You

How To Swing A Kettlebell Please read the following instructions carefully. Take a natural stance with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and place the kettlebell between your insteps. Pick up the kettlebell with two hands while keeping your chest open and your back straight, maintaining your lumbar curve and a stabilized midline. […]