How (Not) To Overcome Sin

Not long ago, I had a theological conversation with one of my sons. We ended up talking about sin. Out of nowhere he declared, “I believe you can so much that God will not let you into heaven.” “Can you sin so much that God will stop loving you?” I asked. “No. God will never […]

Stop Reading the Bible!

Yesterday, Caleb and I went to Houston where I preached for the New Beginnings Church. It was my third time to preach there, but my first to bring one of my boys along. Before the gathering started, we were sitting up front and Caleb was thumbing through the Gospel of Mark in my Bible. He […]

A Box Full of Ticket Stubs

What do you want for your birthday? My answer to that question has changed over the past three decades. It used to be all about toys and electronics. My wish list was full of expensive gadgets I had no chance of getting. As I’ve gotten older, I want less stuff and more experiences. Last Saturday […]

Things I Want to Pass on to my Boys

At Garnett today, we did a combo baby dedication/mother’s day celebration. It seemed to fit together really well. I also started a series of teachings where I’m going to interact with UnChristian and They Like Jesus but not the Church. Two very good books that I predict will generate some good discussion and reflection. I […]

Initiation Rites

Mark Riddle is talking some sense over at his site. In addition to viewing kids as expendable culture gives no meaningful way to help children to become adults. There isn’t a marker or defining moment that declares “yesterday you where a child, today you are a man/woman.” Adolescence (the process of becoming an adult)(something we […]

Flying With a 13 Month Old

My oh my!!! Three hours on an airplane with a thirteen month old. The days of the Hodges family taking airplane trips may be through for a few years. I don’t know if it was the cabin pressure or his nerves, but Caleb blew out two of his diapers, as well as the poor lady […]

Another Boy Coming

We had our second ultra sound today. Looks like we’ve got another boy coming our way. I’ll have another disciple and Caleb will have a shadow following him around. I’m expecting to see some good wrestling matches over the years.