The “New” Problem of Evil

In Evil and the Justice of God, N. T. Wright names three issues that characterize what he calls “The New Problem of Evil.” 1. We ignore evil except when it hits us in the face. 2. We are surprised by evil when it does. 3. As a result, we react in immature and dangerous ways. […]

Being Wrong

I spent the past two months preaching through selected stories from Acts. Sometimes I don’t know what a sermon is about until I’ve preached it. Same goes with a sermon series. I wish I could say I’m able to think so far ahead that I know why I’m preaching a particular series, but sometimes I’m […]

Thirteen Lessons I’ve Learned From the Ebook Business

I published my first ebook in 2011. I was inspired by Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield to pick myself, skip the gatekeepers, and do the work. Since then, I’ve published two more books and a couple of short stories. All available in Kindle format at Amazon. (My first book is also available at Barnes & […]

Some Thoughts About eBooks

1. Shorter is better. I don’t like reading long nonfiction books on my Kindle. It’s too easy to lose track of where I am if I go a week or two without reading. It’s more cumbersome to go back and “flip through” the last fifty pages of what I read to refresh my memory. My […]

Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard

Several years ago, I started telling anyone who would listen that every leader needed to make Getting Things Done (affiliate link) their personal productivity bible.  I still believe it’s one of the best resources our there for people who have lots of great ideas but have a hard time, well, getting things done. If you […]

Like Sands Through the Hourglass

I love this image from Repacking Your Bags: It begins with an image-the image of an hourglass. Most of us live our lives as if we’re in the top of the hourglass. We’re rushing around trying to build our sand castles, but as fast as we can do so, the sand is running out. The […]

The Good Life

I’m reading through Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life for a project I’m working on. One of my favorite parts of the book is their generic formula for living the good life: Living in the Place you belong, with the people you Love, doing the Right Work, on Purpose. […]

I Knew Jesus Before He Was A Christian. . .

I’m really enjoying Rubel Shelly’s latest book, I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Christian…and I Liked Him Better Then. Not because he’s saying something I’ve never heard before, but because I see this book as another important marker on the path Rubel has been guiding me down with his writing for the past twenty […]

Let’s Write a Book Together!

I’ve never been a part of the traditional publishing industry. I’ve written a few magazine articles for print and online magazines, but I’ve never worked with a publisher to bring a book into the world. I recently self-published a little book on Amazon and enjoyed almost every minute of it. Until six months ago, I’ve […]

Just Released: Before You Go

I’m excited to announce that my new book went live on Amazon today. This has been a fun project to work on and it was spurred along by the positive feedback I received from you, the faithful readers of this blog. Right now, Before You Go is only available in the Kindle format from Amazon. […]