From This Angle

I do not like the man sitting across from me in Starbucks. At first, I thought he was a typical older gentlemen having a cup of coffee, while his wife shops at a nearby store. Then he started reading a magazine that told me everything I needed to know about him. It is a religious […]

My Coffee Shop Nemesis (The Real Reason We Moved From Tulsa to Austin)

I’m about to share something I’ve never told anyone before: the real reason we moved from Tulsa to Austin just over three years ago. But first, I have to give you some context by explaining why I ended up working from a particular Starbucks in Tulsa almost everyday. It wasn’t until I moved to Tulsa […]

Five Lessons I’ve Learned From Working in Coffee Houses

As promised in a previous post, here’s a rundown of some of the lessons I’ve learned from past coffee shop experiences. The first place from which I tried to work was the Café at the Barnes & Noble near my office in Bellingham, Washington. Going there was a rookie mistake. Something only someone who had […]

In Search of a Good Coffee Shop

We’ve been in Dallas for a couple of weeks. One of the pressing issues I currently face is locating an acceptable coffee shop in which I can do some serious writing. This is one of the most important things to do when moving to a new community, ranking just above finding a safe place to […]

Thirteen Lessons I’ve Learned From the Ebook Business

I published my first ebook in 2011. I was inspired by Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield to pick myself, skip the gatekeepers, and do the work. Since then, I’ve published two more books and a couple of short stories. All available in Kindle format at Amazon. (My first book is also available at Barnes & […]

How To Break Out Of A Creative Rut

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I Need An Editor!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that life is actually going somewhere. One of my faith struggles is trusting that God is actually at work in and behind and between my experiences, redeeming my poor choices and silly mistakes, while honoring my freedom to make my own decisions. I am writing my own story, but I […]

Attack the Resistance!

One night back in the summer, while playing basketball with the boys under our street light, I had an idea for a short story that I thought they would enjoy. Over the next several days I thought about the plot and how to best start and end the story. I started writing it at nights, […]

Show Me Your “Before” and “After” Photos Part 1

***** I love the church. I love her so much she drives me crazy. I’ve given my adult life to helping churches make hard, necessary changes so they can do a better a job of accomplishing their mission. My efforts have led to tremendous frustration for both myself and for the churches I’ve served. This […]

Let’s Write a Book Together!

I’ve never been a part of the traditional publishing industry. I’ve written a few magazine articles for print and online magazines, but I’ve never worked with a publisher to bring a book into the world. I recently self-published a little book on Amazon and enjoyed almost every minute of it. Until six months ago, I’ve […]