A Texas Prayer

Today I had the honor of serving as “Pastor of the Day” for the Texas House of Representatives. My responsibilities included saying an opening prayer at today’s legislative session. (This was actually my only responsibility.) Here’s an early version of the prayer I wrote for the occasion. (If you’re not from Texas some of the […]

From This Angle

I do not like the man sitting across from me in Starbucks. At first, I thought he was a typical older gentlemen having a cup of coffee, while his wife shops at a nearby store. Then he started reading a magazine that told me everything I needed to know about him. It is a religious […]

What I’m Doing These Days: A Professional Update

The following commercial presentation is brought to you by Vandelay Industries. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a professional update. Let me remedy that. I’ve got several activities and projects occupying my time and energy these days. 1. I’m speaking on the weekends for churches and other organizations. I’m doing retreats, special events, and interim […]

I Still Don’t Like August

Last year I posted about why August is my least favorite month. A year later, I haven’t changed my mind. Here’s why I still don’t like August: 1. The brightness of summer-come-upon-us in June is now dingy and dull. 2. I’m tired of the heat. 3. We usually vacation in June or July. Winter vacations […]

New Year’s Declaration

I remember preaching a New Year’s sermon to a group of beaten down people when I was in my mid-twenties. I started off by asking how many of them had made at least one resolution for the new year. I was unprepared for the lackluster response. Only a few hands went up. I thought that […]

Some Things I’m Enjoying These Days

Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite things these days. Music: Kings of LeonTV: Community, Flash Forward, Fringe, House, and The Office.Food: Torchy’s Tacos, Shady Grove, and Star Co. Coffee.Books: My Kindle, The Tangible Kingdom, and The Golden City.Workout: Bikram Yoga, Crossfit

Why I Don’t Like August

For many years now, the month of August has been my least favorite. Here’s why: 1. The brightness of summer-come-upon-us in June is now dingy and dull.2. I’m tired of the heat.3. Our vacations usually happen in July. Winter vacations are months away. Not much to look forward to in between.4. Pre-season football is a […]

Ode to Wade

Here’s another choice morsel from my roast at Garnett. This one is from Ken Hager, a good friend, former Garnett Shepherd, and world class wood turner. Ode to Wade This saga begins on a west Texas farm with the birth of Wade, and with little alarm. Loyd and Sue’s ambition for this robust child was […]

Does Lust Discriminate?

Most of the material I’ve read so far seems to assume that lust is a problem that is eating men alive. But what about the ladies? Do women struggle with lust too or is it a male-dominated issue? Any ladies out there want to comment?

Longhorn Calf

While we were down at the ranch, we were hoping that one of the longhorns would give birth to her calf. We missed it by two days.