The Most Powerful Tool At Our Disposal

This is the latest installment of the “lessons learned from failure” series. You’ll find links to related posts at the bottom of this one. ****** Fifteen years ago I had a story I wanted to tell the world about my life. It was the story of how moved from Texas to the Pacific Northwest to […]

Have You Hugged a Zombie Today?

Last fall, because of the Twitter buzz among my friends, I started watching The Walking Dead on AMC. This was a completely new genre for me. I can count on both hands the number of horror films I’ve watched from beginning to end. When I was kid I went to the movies with a friend […]

Pancho and Lefty

Another great ballad.

I Love Ballads

When I finally got on Spotify this week, the first song I looked up was El Paso by Marty Robbins. When I was a kid I had a cassette of his Cowboy ballads. I wore it out. I had just about every song memorized. I can still sing most of El Paso, but not without […]

An Exercise in Absurdity

I recently did a writing exercise recommended by Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones. I sat in Starbucks with an open newspaper and started combining random ideas and images to form the most absurd vignettes possible. Here are a few of my favorites. ***** A carpenter built a home out of cinnamon sticks and […]

One Reason Your Jokes Bomb

The speaker steps to the podium and begins. “Good Evening. It’s great to be here tonight. By here, I mean up here on this stage. I have sat where you all are sitting many times and wondered what it would like to stand up here and look out at such a crowd. Now that I’m […]

Lost in Thought

I stayed up late last night watching it and woke up early this morning thinking about it. Of course I’m talking about the Lost finale. If you’re not a Lostie then you can stop reading now. If you haven’t seen the finale yet, you probably ought to bookmark this post and move on as well. […]

Why Do Storytellers Embellish?

If you’ve ever tried to tell someone a story about a memorable personal experience, you know how difficult it can be to communicate the event in such a way that the listener experiences a similar impact. Thus the phrase, “I guess you had to be there.” In order to overcome this obstacle, a good storyteller […]