I Didn’t Sign Up For This!

When I went to work with the Garnett Church in 2003, I believed I was stepping into a ministry with tremendous upside. After being there for less than a year, I found myself in a mess I hadn’t signed up for. A key staff member, someone who was crucial to my effectiveness there, resigned unexpectedly. […]

Before You Go: Leave Your Ideal Church Behind

A friend sent me this note in response to my last post. I share it with his permission. If I’d have practiced this principle two wife’s ago I wouldn’t have had two previous wives. But, if I hadn’t screwed up in my relationships then I wouldn’t have developed to be ready for “———” who I […]

What If Churches . . .

managed their money the same way they teach individuals and families to manage theirs in the Dave Ramsey financial seminars they promote?

Why Churches Make Foolish Decisions

Here’s what I mean by “Organizational Wisdom.” Wisdom is applied knowledge. It’s knowing how to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reason. God designed the world to work a certain way, according to certain principles that can be observed in nature, systems, organizations, and families. In […]

Are You a Differentiated Leader?

Here’s a great summary of Friedman’s theory of differentiated leadership. Thanks to Mark Riddle for the heads up. I also can’t recommend Friedman’s Generation to Generation and A Failure of Nerve enough. Get em!

What Should I Do?

I’m fascinated by LeBron James’ latest Nike commercial. “The Decision” was a mistake. I take the very existence of this commercial as an admission of such, even if James never explicitly says so in the ad. I hated that ESPN aired “The Decision” and I hate that I watched it. Where an athlete like LeBron […]

A Different Kind of Conversation

Greg has written a bit about our leadership team retreat this past weekend. Before we left for the retreat on Sunday afternoon I spoke to our church about changing the conversation from problems to possibilities. This is much harder to do than it sounds. It is much easier to get together with a group of […]

How to Build a Healthy Community

Here is an interesting snippet from Pete Rollins. I think he is on to something here. What do you think?Indeed often the most destructive element in the development of a community arises from the very statement that one is attempting to build a community. For what can so often happen is that those who need […]

Catalyst 2007

Heather and I are having a great time at the Catalyst Conference. Too many reflections to post right now. I’ll update later.

Women in Leadership at Garnett

Here is a teaching I did on Sunday that unpacked Garnett’s Leadership Heritage Commitment, especially as it relates to leadership opportunities for women at Garnett. Coming in at just under 58 minutes, I guess you could say it’s kinda long 🙂 Attention Garnett readers/listeners: please leave your feedback in the comments below or email me […]