UnChristian: Antihomosexual?

Check out this interview with David Kinnaman, author of unChristian, over at New Wineskins. At the bottom of the interview, you can find links to several teachings I’ve recently done that are based on the research in the book. The series is still in progress. My favorite so far has been They Say We’re Antihomosexual.

Women in Leadership at Garnett

Here is a teaching I did on Sunday that unpacked Garnett’s Leadership Heritage Commitment, especially as it relates to leadership opportunities for women at Garnett. Coming in at just under 58 minutes, I guess you could say it’s kinda long 🙂 Attention Garnett readers/listeners: please leave your feedback in the comments below or email me […]

Tend Your Garden

A message based on one of the most important lessons my dad taught me while growing up.

Without Disagreement: Two Rabbis

A story from the Talmud. Adapted from Judith Kunst’s The Burning Word.

The Best Story Ever

Many reasons can be given as to why Jesus is worth following. Here is one of my favorites.

New Podcast: Episode One

I’m starting up a new podcast here at this blog. I’ll be posting talks that I give at other events, conversations that I have with interesting people, and thoughts that might be better heard than read. The weekly teachings I do at Garnett will continue to be found at the Garnett Podcast. Eventually, this podcast […]