Salvation By Port-a-Potty (An Advent Reflection)

(For those on the email list for this blog, sorry for the repost. My database was reset yesterday and I lost this post. So I had to load it again.) My favorite scene from the movie “Castaway” furnishes a great metaphor for Advent reflection. It’s the pivotal scene after Tom Hanks’s character has acclimated to […]

It’s About Time

3:10 to Yuma

I just saw 3:10 to Yuma. I watched it with a buddy and we both thought it was pretty good. The story was fine and the acting was excellent. I love a good western. By the way, the Movie Review Query Engine is a great site for finding reviews of movies you may be interested […]

Pan’s Labyrinth

Last night I watched Pan’s Labyrinth. Good, good movie. Very dark, but beautiful, with a dash of gospel thrown in at the end. The Pale Man was one scary character. If I had seen a picture of him when I was a kid I would have never slept again.

Movies and Books

I’ve seen a couple of good movies in the last week:  “Zodiac” and “Amazing Grace.”  Two very different movies but both are well made and worth watching. A theme common to both movies is obsession and the toll it takes on those committed to a cause. Our staff is reading Slaves, Women and Homosexuals: Exploring […]

Happy Feet

We really liked Happy Feet. That’s based solely on one thing: the boys laughed a lot. They came hope trying to dance like a penguin. Sure, there were the usual adult messages and themes embedded in the funny stuff, but I didn’t pay much attention to all of that. I paid attention to the giggles. […]

Major League Evangelism

I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I usually tune in for the World Series. I really don’t care who wins this year, but I’ve got more friends pulling for the Cards than for the Tigers. This forces me to root for the Tigers. Besides, if the Tigers are good enough for Thomas Magnum they’re […]

Random Declaration #3

I don’t get Terence Malick movies. I didn’t get “The Thin Red Line.” I didn’t get “The New World.” The pace is way too slow and the loopy voiceovers don’t work for me.

Random Summer Post

Lots going on, but not much to talk about. I had a great “getting things done” day around the house yesterday. I checked off a long list of to-do’s that needed to get done. I’m reading Simply Christian by N. T. Wright. As is usual for Wright, it’s good. I’d love to get a curious […]


I took the boys to see “Cars” on Friday afternoon. They loved the action and pretty colors and goofy voices. I loved the story. It spoke to me more than any movie has in a while.